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Perusahaan memberikan informasi yang tepat dan memadai untuk kepentingan stakeholder terkait masalah legal, lingkungan, sosial dan keterlacakan, serta memastikan tidak adanya dampak negatif yang terjadi akibat memberikan informasi kepada stakeholder atau publik.

Sustainability Policy Reference

Executive Summary – Palm Oil Comparative Study

A Comparison of Leading Palm Oil Certification Standards, Forest Peoples Programme

Studi Bersama Persamaan dan Perbedaan Sistem Sertifikasi ISPO dan RSPO, Kementerian Pertanian Republik Indonesia, ISPO, RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Mutu Certification International, & UNDP

Panduan Dasar Memahami dan Memantau Penerapan Prinsip dan Kriteria RSPO, ”Mendukung Upaya Advokasi Hak Petani, Buruh, Masyarakat Adat dan Masyarakat Lokal Terkena Dampak Industri Sawit di Indonesia”, dipersiapkan oleh, Sawit Watch, Departemen Mitigasi Resiko Sosial dan Lingkungan, didukung oleh, Programme Scaling Up Sustainable Palm Oil (SUSPO) Oxfam dan Sawit Watch, Sawit Watch 2011

Buku Panduan,  Petani Mandiri  Menuju Sertifikasi Minyak Sawit Berkelanjutan,  Berdasarkan pengalaman lapangan di Gapoktan Tanjung Sehati, Desa Mekar Jaya, Kec. Tabir Selatan, Kab Merangin Propinsi Jambi, Disusun Oleh : Rukaiyah Rofiq, Jalal Sayuti, Solikin, Asri Jon Tanjung, & Sahadi, Yayasan SETARA Jambi bersama dengan GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati

RSPO P&C – P&C Review 2017/2018, Draft 2, Prinsip, Kriteria dan Indikator RSPO, 16 Mei 2018

RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Principles and Criteria, For the Production of Sustainable Palm Oil 2018, Proposed for adoption by the RSPO General Assembly, RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Prinsip dan Kriteria, Untuk Produk Minyak Kelapa Sawit Lestari 2018, Interpretasi Nasional Indonesia, RSPO, 10 Apr 2019

RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Interpretasi Nasional Indonesia, Prinsip dan Kriteria Untuk Produksi Minyak Kelapa Sawit Lestari 2018, Disahkan oleh Dewan Gubernur RSPO pada tanggal 20 April 2020

Draft Naskah Akademis, Pengelolaan Perkebunan Sawit Berkelanjutan, di Kalimantan Tengah, Tahun 2008, Pokja Sawit Multipihak Pemerintah Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah, Palangka Raya 2008

Operational Guidance on, Applying the Definitions Related to Deforestation, Conversion, and Protection of Ecosystems, June 2019, Q&A and illustrative examples that demonstrate how to apply the Accountability Framework’s definitions related to protection of ecosystems in different contexts, Accountability Framework, Delivering on ethical supply chain commitments

Mitos vs Fakta, Industri Minyak Sawit Indonesia dalam Isu Sosial, Ekonomi dan Lingkungan Global, PASPI, Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategy Policy Institute

Climate Policy Initiative, Menuju Rantai Pasok Kelapa Sawit yang Lebih Berkelanjutan dan Efisien di Berau, Kalimantan Timur, Tiza Mafira, Randy Rakhmadi & Cherika Novianti, Juli 2018, Laporan CPI, Didukung oleh: The Nature Conservancy, Pemerintah Provinsi Kalimantan Timur & Kabupaten Berau, dan  Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Based on Decision of the German Bundestag 

70 IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature,  Issues Brief, Palm Oil and Biodiversity, June 2018

Special Feature: Perspective, Ten principles for a landscape approach to reconciling agriculture, conservation, and other competing land uses, Jeffrey Sayer, Terry Sunderland, Jaboury Ghazoul , Jean-Laurent Pfund, Douglas Sheil, Erik Meijaard, Michelle Venter, Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono, Michael Day, Claude Garcia, Cora van Oosten, and Louise E. Buck

Environmental Research Letters, Paper, Open Access, Deforestation Spillovers from Oil Palm Sustainability Certification, To cite this article: Robert Heilmayr et al 2020 Environ. Res. Lett. 15 075002, View the article online for updates and enhancements, This content was downloaded from IP address on 30/07/2020 at 10:22

ISCC, International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, Smallholder Academy · ISCC Landscape Approach, Supporting Independent Smallholders, Beyond Certification: The ISCC Landscape Approach

BBC News, Science & Environment, Climate change: New UK law to curb deforestation in supply chains, By Matt McGrath, Environment correspondent, 25 August 2020, COP 26

Buku Kecil Lanskap Berkelanjutan, Mencapai Pembangunan Berkelanjutan melalui Pengelolaan Lanskap Terpadu, GCP, Global Canopy Programme, EcoAgriculture Partners, IDH the Sustainable Trade Initiative , The Nature Conservancy, & World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Ekspansi Kelapa Sawit di Asia Tenggara, Kecenderungan dan Implikasi bagi Masyarakat Lokal dan Masyarakat Adat, Marcus Colchester dan Sophie Chao (Editor),  bersama Jonas Dallinger, H.E.P. Sokhannaro, Vo Thai Dan dan Jo Villanueva

Greenpeace, Ringkasan Eksekutif – Ekspansi Perkebunan Sawit, Korupsi Struktural, dan Penghancuran Ruang Hidup di Tanah Papua, oleh Greenpeace Indonesia, 

Rencana Aksi Nasional Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan, Periode 2018 – 2023, Draf 6.0 – Juli 2017, Forum Kelapa Sawit Berkelanjutan Indonesia

MARS, Mars Palm Positive Plan Delivers Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Supply Chain

idh, the sustainable trade initiative, Press Release: Cargill Tropical Palm and IDH working together to help independent Indonesian palm oil smallholders increase yields sustainably, News article, 30 Sep 2020

iseal alliance, Delivering impact at scale: ISEAL and partners trial new approaches to landscape interventions, Posted on 5th February 2020, by Josh Taylor

Musim Mas, News Release, Musim Mas Establishes First Smallholders Hub In Aceh Tamiang, October 14, 2020

AtSource, Re-imagined by Olam, What Is AtSource?, AtSource is Olam’s revolutionary sustainability insights platform for agricultural supply chain, purposefully created to demonstrate social and environmental impact and drive change for farmers, communities and ecosystems.

Bloomberg Green, Green, Mars Drops Palm-Oil Suppliers Who Can’t Meet Deforestation Goals, By Carolina Gonzalez and Eric Roston, October 6, 2020, 11:01 AM GMT+7

Impact Incentives

UN Environment Programme, 07 Oct 2020, Story, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Amid COVID-19, these 10 countries are aiming to kickstart their economies by repairing nature

CNBC, Preserve, Supply, and Sustain, Unilever is using geolocation data and satellite imagery to check for deforestation in its supply chain, Published Thu, Sep 24 2020, 3:28 Am Edt, updated Thu, Sep 24 2020, 3:57 Am Edt, Lucy Handley, @Lucyhandley

Lucida, About the initiative, Lucida is a new transparency initiative powered by an innovative web-based network tool that aims to reveal how companies and financiers are linked to unsustainable land use and illegal forest activity. Utilizing unprecedented access to data, storytelling through intuitive and stunning visualizations and innovative analyses, Lucida answers the question of ‘who’ is behind deforestation.

CGF Forest Positive Coalition of Action, Palm Oil Roadmap: Version 1.0, September 2020, The Consumer Goods Forum, Forest Positive, Proforest, TFA, Tropical Forest Alliance

Unilever, Unilever sets out new actions to fight climate change, and protect and regenerate nature, to preserve resources for future generations, 15/06/2020

(MOCUPP), Monitoring Land Use Change Within Production Landscapes

CIFOR, Operationalizing integrated landscape approaches in the tropics, Editors : James Reed, Mirjam Ros-Tonen, & Terry Sunderland

Mongabay, News & Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline, ‘Deforestation-free’ isn’t working: It’s time to go forest positive (commentary), by Charlotte Opal on 5 October 2020

News Website of the Year, The Telegraph, British companies will be forced to reveal the sources of their raw materials, under new laws to end deforestation, The Environment Bill will force businesses to comply with local deforestation rules, By Helena Horton, 10 November 2020, 11:59 pm

SNV, Berbak Green Prosperity Partnership, This project is active, Expansion of cultivated land for palm oil and rubber production, is a major driver of deforestation and peat drainage in the Berbak landscape in Sumatra, Indonesia. SNV collaborates with supply chain actors to strengthen smallholder livelihoods, create business benefits for partnering companies, and mitigate deforestation and ecosystem degradation across the landscape.

Planet, Planet, KSAT and Airbus Awarded First-Ever Global Contract to Combat Deforestation, Tara O’Shea, September 22, 2020, Planet, KSAT and Airbus Awarded First-Ever Global Contract to Combat Deforestation, News

CDP, Disclosure Insight Action, Zeroing-in on Deforestation, Which agricultural commodities companies are addressing deforestation issues?, Executive Summary, October 2020, Authors: Ling Sin Fai Lam, Tom Crocker, Emma Amadi and Alice Newman, NICFI, Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative

Accountability Framework , 12 Core Principles form the foundation of the Accountability Framework, These principles serve as a guide for companies and others in setting, implementing and monitoring effective commitments on deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights in ethical supply chains.

All Projects, A Conservation App To Save Our Forests, Deforestation is destroying our planet, to combat tree clearing 3 Sided Cube is helping Global Forest Watch bring data straight into the hands of environmental defenders.

POCG, Palm Oil Collaboration Group, The Palm Oil Collaboration Group, What is it?, The Palm Oil Collaboration Group (POCG) brings together companies from every stage of the palm oil supply chain to accelerate effective implementation of No deforestation, No Peat Expansion, No Exploitation (NDPE) commitments. In addition to discussions which help to align thinking on key issues, the group also identifies areas for collaborative action.

Collective Position Paper on EU Action to Protect and Restore The World’s Forests: Proposal for A ‘Smart Mix’ of Measures

Mighty Earth, Rapid Response Monitoring System

Sustainable Markets Initiative, Terra Carta, For Nature, People & Planet, Monday 11th January 2021, As part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, HRH The Prince of Wales, announces today the ‘Terra Carta’ – a charter that puts sustainability at the heart of the private sector.

Europarc Federation, Europarc Federation, The One Planet Summit and the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, One Planet Summit, One Planet Summit for Biodiversity, January 11 Janvier 2021, On the 11th of January, the One Planet Summit was held in which more than 50 countries announced their commitment to protect 30% of land and sea before 2030. This is a key milestone that will set the tone for 2021.

Green Biz, Fighting deforestation should be a top priority for 2021, and here’s how it can be, By Heather Clancy, January 11, 2021, Heather Clancy, Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group, @GreenTechLady

CDP, Disclosure Insight Action, Transparency to Transformation: A Chain Reaction, CDP Global Supply Chain Report 2020, February 2021

Landscapes News, Which landscapes should we restore first? Scientists map and compare all of Earth’s landscapes to locate priority restoration areas, 10 February 2021, Augusta Dwyer

WWF, Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard, January 2020 Edition: Summary, Measuring the Progress of Palm Oil Buyers, As we enter a new decade, are companies finally committed to sustainable palm oil that respects both people and nature?

Environmental Research Letters, Paper, Open Access, Deforestation Spillovers from Oil Palm Sustainability Certification, To cite this article: Robert Heilmayr et al 2020 Environ. Res. Lett. 15 075002, View the article online for updates and enhancements, This content was downloaded from IP address on 30/07/2020 at 10:22

Ecosystem, Land Cover Change Monitoring System, Estimation Forest Loss By Oil Palm (2000-2018)

Mongabay, News & Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline, Mongabay Series: Indonesian Palm Oil, ‘Certified’ palm oil linked to worse social, ecological outcomes for Indonesian villagers, by Loren Bell on 30 November 2020

CNN Indonesia, Home, Nasional, Berita Peristiwa, Greenpeace: Lahan Menipis, Korporasi Sawit Merambah ke Papua, CNN Indonesia, Kamis, 03/12/2020 07:57 WIB

Reuters, ESG Environment, December 3, 2020, 1:36 PM, updated 3 Days Ago, Nestle To Spend Big To Cut Carbon Emissions While Preserving Profits, By Silke Koltrowitz

global witness, Indonesia palm oil traders are failing land and environmental defenders

Mongabay, News & Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline, Mongabay Series: Saving Life on Earth: Words on the Wild, Conservationists replant legal palm oil plantation with forest in Borneo, by Jeremy Hance on 9 November 2020

MSCI, What if we cut down all the forests? Click on each bar to see details on how each producer and buyer of palm oil addresses concerns of deforestation in the supply chain. Each bar’s size is relative to the volume (measured in tons) of palm oil produced using different methods of certification: fully traceable (most sustainable), certified green and untraced (least sustainable).

Mongabay, News & Inspiration from Nature’s Frontline, Mongabay Series: Global Forests, Rainforests: 11 things to watch in 2021, by Rhett A. Butler on 1 January 2021, These include: the post COVID recovery; the transition of power in the U.S.; DEFORESTATION IN INDONESIA; deforestation in Brazil; the effects of the La Niña climate pattern; ongoing destabilization of tropical forests; government to government carbon deals; data that will allow better assessment of the impact of COVID on tropical forests; companies incorporating forest-risk into decision-making; ongoing violence against environmental defenders; and whether international policy meetings can get back on track.

Ferrero Corporate, 03-02-2021, Ferrero Commits to 100 Percent Satellite Monitoring of its Palm Oil Supply Chain

Earthworm, Home, News & Stories, Ferrero commits to 100 percent satellite monitoring of its palm oil supply chain, Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring and verification service across all of its palm oil sourcing areas, News, Feb 3, 2021

“Hungry mills” & their role in Indonesia’s palm oil industry, “Hungry mills” & their role in Indonesia’s palm oil industry, By Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, Switzerland, February 2, 2021

World Economic Forum, This is how much different commodities contribute to deforestation, 25 Feb 2021, Mikaela Weisse, Research Analyst, Global Forest Watch & Elizabeth Dow-Goldman, GIS Research Associate, Global Forest Watch

Referendum Swiss Setujui Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas dengan Indonesia, Lisye Sri Rahayu – detikNews, Senin, 08 Mar 2021 02:50 WIB

Tempo.co, Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Belgia Protes Larang Biodiesel Minyak Sawit, Reporter: Non Koresponden, Editor: Suci Sekarwati, Kamis, 6 Mei 2021 08:00 WIB

Kompas, Sawit Berkelanjutan, Presiden Tanda Tangani Rencana Aksi Nasional Sawit Berkelanjutan, Presiden Joko Widodo menandatangani Instruksi Presiden No 6 Tahun 2019 tentang Rencana Aksi Nasional Perkebunan Sawit Berkelanjutan Tahun 2019-2024, Oleh Ichwan Susanto, 29 November 2019, 05:48 WIB

TFA, Tropical Forest Alliance, Private Sector Action, In Sabah, Malaysia, Lessons Learnt From Jurisdictional Engagement

The Aceh Trend, Petani Sawit di Subulussalam Dilatih Program Sawit Berkelanjutan, Nukman Suryadi Angkat, Sabtu, 14/08/2021, 19:48 WIB, in Berita, Daerah

Tinta Rakyat Aceh, HKTI Gelar Pelatihan Program Sawit Berkelanjutan, Laporan Khairul Boangmanalu, By Mansyah Berutu, on 15 Agustus 2021

BBC News, Record number of environmental activists murdered, By Claire Marshall, BBC Environment & Rural Affairs Correspondent, 13 September 2021

Forland, Insights 08.25.21, Palm oil mill in Ghana keeps an eye on zero-deforestation commitments, Romain Pirard, Senior climate expert / Forland coordinator

The Guardian, The truth behind corporate climate pledges, 26 July 2021

The Guardian, Opinion, How to spot the difference between a real climate policy and greenwashing guff, Damian Carrington, Unless actions by governments and corporations cut emissions in the here and now, a dose of scepticism is in order, Thu 6 May 2021 09.58 EDT

McKinsey & Company, On target: How to succeed with carbon-reduction initiatives, May 3, 2021, By Leonardo Banchik, Werner Rehm, and Giulia Siccardo, McKinsey research reveals which industries are on track to meet green objectives and how they got there.

Jun 22, 2021, Nestlé moves beyond forest protection to a forest positive strategy and boosts its use of satellite services

Conservation news, M (Mongabay), Final court ruling orders Indonesian government to publish plantation data, Hans Nicholas Jong, 3 months ago (June 2021)

Ferrero Corporate, 03-06-2021, Ferrero Unveils Its New Palm Oil Charter, By updating targets outlined in 2013 to generate environmental, economic and social benefits across the Ferrero palm oil value chain, the new Charter addresses challenges with actions that engage suppliers and go beyond high certification standards.

Nestle, Apr 28, 2021, Nestlé strengthens its plan to help protect labor rights in the palm oil sector

SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit), Palm oil: ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy transparency assessments, Latest update: November 2020  Next scheduled: November 2021

SPOTT (Sustainability Policy Transparency Toolkit), Palm oil assessment summary – November 2020

Mongabay Series: Indonesian Forests, As Indonesia retakes land from developers, conservation is an afterthought, by Hans Nicholas Jong on 12 January 2022

Terganggu oleh Eskavator Masuk ke Habitatnya, Harimau Sumatra Hadang Pembukaan Lahan Pasaman Barat, Jan 18, 2022, Pasaman Barat, Kompas TV – Video seekor Harimau Sumatra berada di tengah aktivitas alat berat, viral di media sosial.

Mongabay Series: Indonesian Forests, Indonesian Palm Oil, Proposal could redefine palm oil-driven deforestation as reforestation in Indonesia, by Hans Nicholas Jong on 7 January 2022

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