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About T4T

Tools for Transformation (T4T) has been initiated and compiled by Earthworm Foundation (formerly The Forest Trust (TFT)) in collaboration with its member companies. Earthworm believes that the palm oil industry can be good for people and the planet. We work with our members across the palm oil supply chain, from primary producers to brands and retailers, to support committed businesses identify and address concerns over the destruction of forests and carbon rich peat soils, as well as the exploitation of local communities and workers.

The library of resources on this site is freely available to industry participants and stakeholders. It includes a wide range of tools such as guidelines, templates and case studies on legal, environmental and social issues. These resources encompass lessons learnt from activities with our members and their suppliers, as well as publicly available materials. Individuals and groups from all segments of the industry are invited to contribute so the usefulness of this resource will continue to grow over time.

Please let us know if you have any comments or contributions at info@toolsfortransformation.net.

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